iZettle iPhone Credit Card Reader Launches in Sweden

In a recent development, the Swedish company behind the innovative iZettle device has started distributing it in Sweden, albeit in very limited quantities. Similar to the US-based Square, iZettle enables European merchants to process credit card payments via an iPhone.

Unlike Square, which connects through the iPhone’s headphone jack, iZettle uses the dock connector and is compatible with the chip-and-pin cards prevalent in Europe and many other regions.

Excitingly, the initial batch of iZettle devices is restricted to just 2,000 units. Those eager to secure one should act quickly by downloading the iZettle app exclusively from the Swedish iTunes Store and registering for an account.

The first 2,000 registrants will receive a complimentary iZettle credit card reader.

For those who miss out on this initial offering, the iZettle app still provides the functionality to accept credit card payments. However, these users will need to wait for the next production wave to receive their physical chip-and-pin reader.

While currently available only in Sweden, iZettle has plans to broaden its market reach across the European Union in the near future.

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