Explore Daily: MusicPound iPhone App Review

In our ongoing exploration of iPhone applications, we often focus on games. However, the App Store offers a diverse array of apps beyond gaming, such as MusicPound.

This particular app is not a game but a music discovery tool that analyzes your music library (which must be loaded onto your iPhone) and compares it with others’. It provides a “Music Compatibility Rating,” charts your most played and favorite tracks, and offers insights into your musical tastes and those of your friends.

While the results are primarily for entertainment, they can also lead to some solid music recommendations by highlighting overlaps and differences in musical tastes between friends.

MusicPound also integrates with iTunes, allowing users to easily add music to their libraries to bridge any gaps identified by the app.

Moreover, the app itself is free, making it an attractive option for users. The initial download includes three comparisons, and additional comparisons can be purchased through an in-app transaction for $1.99.

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