Explore Daily: Backdrop Mac Application Review

For quite some time, I’ve been a user of Backdrop, and I was delighted to find it still available on the Mac App Store without any charge. The application remains straightforward without any new fancy features (I don’t remember seeing a “pixel test” previously, but maybe I just never tried it).

Its primary function is to overlay a customizable backdrop on your desktop, which is perfect for taking screenshots or giving presentations. You have the option to either let it float above all your desktop icons or just behind them, hiding only your desktop background (so that pic of nyan cat will no longer be a distraction in meetings!).

Another neat feature of Backdrop is its Pixel Testing tool.

This function displays a large, solid color overlay on your screen that cycles through red, green, blue, white, and black to help identify any dead or stuck pixels. You can adjust the duration of each color display to ensure thorough examination.

If your primary need is to keep your desktop neat while capturing numerous screenshots, Backdrop offers a simple yet effective solution at no cost.


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