iZON Remote Room Monitor: Apple-Friendly, Easy Setup

Stem Innovation, known for their innovative products for iOS users such as the TimeCommand alarm dock, has recently launched the iZON Remote Room Monitor. Priced at $129.95, this Wi-Fi enabled, app-controlled video camera offers a convenient way to monitor different locations, whether it’s keeping an eye on your child or overseeing your home from miles away.

The setup process for the iZON is remarkably straightforward, much like the TimeCommand. It is recommended to use an 802.11n Wi-Fi network for optimal performance.

The camera itself is a lightweight, cylindrical device weighing just .74 oz and can be ready to use in under ten minutes. This is a stark contrast to the lengthy setup time of a Foscam Wi-Fi camera, which required Windows running on VMWare. The additional cost for the iZON is justified by its ease of setup and use.

The iZON can connect not only to your local Wi-Fi but also to the Stem servers, allowing for video monitoring over EDGE, 3G, and remote Wi-Fi networks, with sessions lasting up to 5 minutes.

Users can adjust the motion sensitivity to receive push notifications whenever movement is detected within the camera’s field of view.

An audio monitoring feature is also integrated into the device, enabling alerts when certain sound levels are exceeded. For added security, the video stream is encrypted, and footage can be recorded in 30-second clips to a private YouTube account at no extra cost.

The iZON Remote Room Monitor is available for purchase at Apple Stores, select Best Buy locations, or directly through Stem Innovation. A comprehensive review of the iZON will be featured on TUAW soon.

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