iPod’s Future: Is There a Place for the Classic Model?

Delving into the realm of technological predictions, we often consult the esteemed TUAW braintrust for insights. Today, we pose a pressing question about the future of the iPod.

Specifically, we’re wondering if the non-touch models are on their way out.

It appears that the iPod classic and shuffle have been teetering on the brink of obsolescence for some time now. Perhaps it’s appropriate for Apple to finally bid farewell to these iconic yet aging devices.

The classic, known for its substantial storage capacity and signature touch wheel, alongside the shuffle, recognized for its compact size and basic controls, have catered to specific consumer segments over the years.

However, with dwindling demand and the advent of more advanced models like the touch and nano, which offer greater storage at lower costs, is it time to retire the classic lineup that has been around for a decade?

We’re eager to hear your thoughts. Cast your vote in the poll below and share your predictions in the comments section.


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