Explore Daily: MetaX Mac Application Review

As my husband prepares to relocate from the UK to the US, we’ve been converting our DVD collections into digital formats. This not only reduces the volume of items he needs to transport but also frees up space for his belongings. For organizing the digital files conveniently in iTunes and on our Apple TV, I’ve been using a tool called MetaX.

In 2009, we crafted a guide on how to use this meta-tagging software, which remains relevant up to the macOS Lion.

Simply drag a video into the application, and you can either search for tags via tagChimp and Amazon or manually input your own. If the video isn’t already in iTunes, MetaX will either copy or add it to your library depending on your preferences. To modify an existing iTunes file, right-click, select “Reveal in Finder,” and then drag it into MetaX, which will update the iTunes version.

If you’re a user of Handbrake, you can configure it to send files directly to MetaX after ripping or converting.

MetaX offers a comprehensive suite of features, including multiple search browsers for tags and cover art, a frame grabber for capturing still images from your video, and a barcode scanner that utilizes DVD packaging for tag searches.

However, the tool is not without its issues. Occasionally, a video might appear twice in your iTunes library. It’s important to remove the duplicate entry without deleting the file itself—a mistake I once made that resulted in having to rerip a DVD segment.

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