Live TUAW TV at 5 PM EDT: iOS 5, iPhone 4S, Remembering Steve Jobs

Shortly after the recent episode of TUAW TV Live concluded last week, the news of Steve Jobs’ passing started to spread. It’s been a week filled with significant developments: iOS 5 is set to launch, the iPhone 4S is being delivered to Apple enthusiasts globally, and iCloud has been activated.

In today’s episode of TUAW TV Live, we’re joined by Doc Rock, a popular figure often mentioned in discussions on Find My Friends.

He’ll be sharing his insights from his Mac, engaging in conversation about iOS 5, Siri, and iCloud with us.

The broadcast kicks off at 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT / 10 PM BST). We’ll spend the first few minutes catching up before diving into demonstrations and discussions.

To participate in the live chat and view the streaming video, please visit TUAW a few minutes before the show begins for detailed instructions. If you can’t make it to the live show, you can subscribe to the video podcast and watch it at your convenience on iTunes or your preferred podcast app.

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