Explore Daily: Sound Cloud Mac Application Review

If you’re an avid SoundCloud user who enjoys streaming music on your Mac, you might have experienced the frustration of your computer sounding like it’s about to take off due to the heavy use of Flash. The SoundCloud app offers a solution.

This official application delivers the complete SoundCloud web experience right on your Mac desktop, enabling you to access your account, play music, manage your playlists, and search for tracks using a native interface.

The app streams audio almost instantly and supports tag searches, allowing you to explore new music by keywords, users, or tags and save your favorites for later listening. Additionally, you can drag and drop SoundCloud URLs directly onto the app’s dock icon to easily create playlists.

Another benefit of the SoundCloud desktop app is its integration with Mac’s built-in media keys, allowing you to pause and skip tracks as you would in iTunes.

If you have Growl installed, the app will also notify you about track changes, enhancing your listening experience.

However, there is a slight limitation with the desktop app compared to the SoundCloud website; it only plays tracks that are enabled for access by third-party applications. This might restrict some content, but generally, most popular tracks are available, and I found all my favorites accessible through the app.

For those who like to create and share their own music, the desktop app makes recording straightforward.

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