CBS Declines Apple TV Partnership Offer

Recent revelations suggest that Apple’s interest in the television industry was genuine. Insights from Steve Jobs’s biography indicated that he was exploring the idea of an Apple-branded television set, and further details have emerged from a report by GigaOM, stating that Apple also aimed to develop a streaming TV service.

This information was confirmed by CBS CEO Les Moonves during the company’s recent earnings call, where he mentioned that Apple had proposed a partnership to stream CBS content, offering a share in ad revenue as compensation.

Moonves highlighted during the call that CBS declined Apple’s offer, preferring to stick with traditional upfront payment arrangements rather than speculative revenue sharing models. This stance by CBS underscores the challenges Apple faced in gaining traction with major media companies for its proposed streaming service, despite its efforts to revolutionize television consumption.

The idea of an Apple streaming service has been circulating as a rumor for some time, but this is the first time such plans have been publicly verified.

Apple’s attempts to enlist support from other media entities apparently fell short, hindering the project’s progress.


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