Apple May Secure Temporary Halt on Motorola Injunction

Last Friday, a court in Germany ruled in favor of Motorola by issuing an injunction against Apple, along with a decision to award damages due to patent infringement. This verdict came as a default judgment since Apple did not present a defense.

The reasons behind Apple’s lack of response remain unclear.

The implications of this ruling have stirred considerable debate. Apple clarified its position in a response to CNET, stating, “This is a procedural issue and has nothing to do with the merits of the case.” Apple’s spokesperson, Kristin Huguet, further commented that the ruling “does not affect our ability to do business or sell products in Germany at this time.”

However, the phrase “at this time” is pivotal, as noted by FOSS Patents.

Apple has the option to challenge the court’s decision, potentially leading to a temporary halt of the injunction while seeking a more thorough review based on the case’s merits. Such a process could escalate to the Federal Court of Justice and might drag on for several years.

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