Logitech Ends Support for Google TV Devices

Guerrino De Luca, the CEO of Logitech, has openly expressed regret over the company’s venture into Google TV, labeling it as a “big mistake.” The production of their set-top box will cease once existing inventory is depleted.

According to a statement on the Verge website, De Luca mentioned that the launch of the Logitech Revue with Google TV proved to be financially draining. Logitech has reportedly invested approximately US$100 million into the product with little return on investment.

While other brands like Sony continue to market Google TV devices, Logitech will not be producing any further units after the current stock is sold.

Meanwhile, Apple TV remains available in the market and continues to meet consumer expectations, despite not achieving overwhelming success. The second-generation Apple TV, which was released in September 2010, has seen significantly better sales figures than its predecessor, likely due to the integration of additional services such as Major League Baseball and Netflix.

Apple has reported sales of over 2 million units of the newer model.

Speculation about Apple venturing into a full television solution has been fueled by quotes from the recent Steve Jobs biography, suggesting that Apple may be planning to expand its presence in the television market.

[via The Verge]


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