Explore the Thrills of Mini Motor Racing HD App Daily

The game development studio The Binary Mill has experimented with various projects for iOS, including the Penny Arcade-endorsed Decide-o-Tron game recommendation app. However, their latest offering, Mini Motor Racing HD, appears to be their most accomplished work to date.

This top-down racing game features miniature cars and boasts an impressive level of detail and polish. The controls are responsive, and players can enjoy progressing through various upgrades and customizations for a diverse fleet of vehicles.

The graphics are particularly striking on the iPad, where the cars resemble miniature real-life models.

While the game offers limited multiplayer options, supporting only two players via WiFi or Bluetooth, the single-player mode is robust, featuring over 20 tracks and a multitude of vehicles to unlock and enhance. Additionally, it integrates with Game Center for leaderboard tracking, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay.

Mini Motor Racing HD is a compelling option for fans of racing games, offering solid gameplay mechanics and enjoyable, quick races that are satisfying even when you don’t snag the top spot.


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