Liquipel Technology Can Waterproof Your iPhone Without a Case

It might seem unbelievable, but the object encased in the cylinder above is indeed an iPhone. Liquipel offers a technology that coats your smartphone with a water-repellent “nano” layer, both inside and out. This isn’t meant for underwater adventures, but it’s perfect for those who are prone to dropping their phone near water.

Below is a photo I took of a tissue paper treated with Liquipel’s technology, which effectively prevents it from soaking up water, much like wax paper.

Currently, the main drawback is the necessity to send your device to Liquipel, which takes a few days. However, a representative mentioned that they are looking to collaborate directly with manufacturers to apply this coating before the phones hit the market. This would mean that consumers could purchase a water-resistant phone right off the shelf, potentially making protective cases like those from LifeProof or OtterBox unnecessary if you’re just lounging by the pool.

There’s hope that companies like Apple will soon adopt this technology, which would be a significant upgrade, though it won’t protect against drops. Liquipel seems promising for guarding against those dreaded splashes and spills that often lead to the rice bag overnight drying method.

The Liquipel treatment is priced at $59 and requires a 1-2 day processing period. While it supports the iPhone, it’s also available for other smartphone models.


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