Apple Press Event Faces Excessive Hype and Expectations

The tech community is abuzz with speculation ahead of Apple’s upcoming event on January 19, where many believe Apple will unveil new tools for creating iBooks. This idea, dubbed “GarageBand for iBooks” by enthusiasts, suggests a new avenue for authors to craft interactive books.

While Ars Technica supports this theory, Philip Elmer-Dewitt remains skeptical, despite both having insights from the same industry expert.

Both journalists have conversed with Matt MacInnis, the CEO of Inkling, which has been developing interactive textbooks for iPads. MacInnis anticipates that Apple will indeed release these production tools, but he disagrees with the notion that Apple aims to dismantle the textbook industry.

According to Elmer-Dewitt, MacInnis mentioned, “Apple has learned from their experiences with the music industry.”

Elmer-Dewitt also hinted that the upcoming tools might not be as revolutionary as some might hope, suggesting that the reference to GarageBand might have been an overstatement. He recounted MacInnis’s mention of GarageBand for iPad as an example of Apple showcasing the capabilities of the iPad 2, hinting that Apple might use a similar approach in their next event.

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