Apple TV Receives Steve Jobs Patent for Episodic TV Content

As reported by Patently Apple, a patent initially submitted over five years ago has been secured by Apple, involving the organization of episodic TV content on the Apple TV.

Notably, Steve Jobs is recognized as a contributor to this patent, which ostensibly outlines the organizational capabilities already available through the Apple TV interface.

Further examination by Patently Apple reveals a notable detail about menus that “align with television programs that have been either recorded from a broadcast or acquired from a content provider.” This detail hints that Apple may have considered integrating DVR capabilities into the Apple TV, though it remains uncertain whether this feature was permanently set aside or if it will emerge in a future version of the device.

Speculation about an updated Apple TV, potentially featuring its own integrated display, has been rampant throughout 2012.

The possibility of combining traditional Apple TV functionalities with DVR capabilities similar to those of TiVo could significantly enhance the device’s appeal.

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