Explore Daily Commit: The Ultimate iPhone App Guide

Maintaining daily commitments can be a challenge, especially when life’s myriad tasks pile up. For those struggling to incorporate new routines into their daily schedule, the Commit for the iPhone might be a worthwhile solution.

Commit specializes in one thing: it helps you keep track of your daily tasks. While it may seem similar to the Reminders feature in iOS 5, Commit is tailored to monitor the frequency of your activities rather than merely reminding you to do them.

The process begins when you input a task you aim to perform daily. The app prompts you to complete the phrase “I will ‘xyz’ every day” with your chosen activity.

After setting a specific reminder time and pressing the “Commit” button, your task is added to your list. Each day, you can then mark off your completed tasks within the app.

What sets Commit apart is its ability to track consecutive days you’ve completed a task, serving as a strong incentive to keep up your streak. Achieving a series of days in the double digits makes breaking the chain less appealing. The visual satisfaction of seeing more orange bars (indicating success) compared to brown ones (indicating missed goals) adds to the motivation.

Despite its strengths, Commit does have limitations.

It only supports daily tasks, so it’s not suitable for tracking weekly activities. Additionally, it doesn’t allow you to retroactively mark tasks as completed, which can be frustrating if you simply forgot to check off a day.

Nevertheless, these shortcomings do not significantly diminish the app’s overall effectiveness. Commit’s user-friendly interface and straightforward functionality make it an excellent tool for anyone looking to build consistent habits. Plus, its aesthetic design does not hinder its practicality, which is crucial for an app designed to encourage regular use.

The cost of Commit is just 99 cents, a small price for a tool that could play a significant role in fostering productive habits.


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