Sandvox for Mac Adds Slide Shows, Enhanced Lion Features

As iWeb becomes less prevalent, Mac enthusiasts seeking straightforward website creation tools are increasingly opting for applications like Sandvox. Recently, Sandvox was upgraded to version 2.5, a free update for those already using version 2.0 or higher.

A notable new feature is the slideshow object, which allows users to easily drag and drop a set of images into the application.

Users can customize the timing, transitions, and captions through the Object inspector. Additionally, the updated Photo Grid now includes the ability to show captions that are pulled from the page content.

Enhancements in Sandvox also include an improved publishing engine and enhanced support for .mkv files and Quick Look.

The application now also supports several features tailored for Lion, such as Resume, Autosave, Versions, and Fullscreen mode. While Sandvox may present a steeper learning curve than iWeb, it compensates with significantly more robust and flexible website management and design capabilities.

Tj Luoma

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