Star Marine Infinite Ammo: Top Daily iPhone App Review

Developed by Glitchsoft, the intriguingly named Star Marine: Infinite Ammo offers a mixed bag of experiences. At its core, the game is a Contra-inspired shooter where players navigate through various settings, battling aliens and attempting to survive. The gameplay is engaging, especially for those who fondly remember Contra’s classic shoot-em-up style.

Yet, Star Marine stumbles with some gameplay mechanics. The controls can be imprecise, which is a significant drawback during intense combat sequences.

Unlike Contra, where movements like ducking and jumping felt responsive, Star Marine’s controls can feel sluggish, leading to unnecessary hits from enemies.

The game also suffers from repetitiveness. Early levels tend to recycle the same corridors and adversaries, which can turn exciting boss fights into tedious encounters. Additionally, the game’s approach to in-app purchases feels restrictive. Players often encounter weapons that can only be unlocked with collected gems, which accumulate too slowly, making the game’s progression feel frustrating at times.

Another point of contention is the misleading game title.

“Infinite Ammo” suggests limitless firepower, but in reality, only one weapon offers unlimited ammunition. Other items, including additional weapons and health packs, are finite and often require purchases.

Despite these drawbacks, Star Marine: Infinite Ammo does have redeeming qualities. The game includes modes like Boss Rush and Survival, which provide additional challenges after completing the main storyline. While the current price point of US$1.99 might not be justifiable for everyone, potential future discounts could make it more appealing.

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