Zomm Wireless Leash Plus: Gear Tracking Solution

Imagine the inconvenience of misplacing your iPhone. I experienced this firsthand in 2008 when my iPhone slipped from my pocket while disembarking from an airplane. By the time I noticed, it was too late. This was before the era of Find My iPhone, and I never recovered the device. Had the Zomm Wireless Leash Plus been available then, I would have been promptly alerted to the separation from my phone.

The Zomm Wireless Leash Plus is a compact, round Bluetooth gadget that not only alerts you when you are about to leave your iPhone behind but also helps locate your keys or any other valuable item to which it is attached. Additionally, it serves as a hands-free device for your car and a portable emergency call button.

Continue reading to discover how this device can help maintain your connection to your physical belongings.


Small in size, the Wireless Leash Plus measures approximately 1.62 inches in diameter and is about half an inch thick. It features three white sections around its edge that house bright flashing LEDs, a micro-USB port for charging, and a metal loop for securing it to a keychain or neck strap.

Out of the box, the Wireless Leash requires about 4 hours to charge via the micro-USB port. Once charged, as per Zomm, the device can last up to six days on standby or two hours when used as a speakerphone. The device audibly notifies you when it’s time to recharge with a clear “Battery Low” alert.

After charging, you’ll need to download a small application for either Mac or Windows to configure the device. Pairing the Leash with your iPhone via Bluetooth is straightforward: press and hold the Z button until the lights flash, then connect through the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. If Bluetooth is disabled, both your phone and the device will alert you that the Leash is disconnected.

Upon pairing, your iPhone will prompt you to install the MyZomm app, which is free and enhances the functionality of the Leash, such as locating it when attached to your keychain or geotagging your car’s location.


After setup, I tested the Leash by leaving my iPhone on my desk and walking away.

The device began to vibrate and flash at about 30 feet from the phone, and soon started beeping loudly. It’s designed to grab your attention effectively. The feature works both ways; if you have your iPhone but leave your keys behind, the Leash will alert you.

In situations where personal safety is a concern, holding down the Z button for about nine seconds activates a loud siren, intended to deter potential threats. The alarm is easily deactivated by pressing the Z button again.

The “Find” function in the app proved very useful. Activating this feature causes the Leash to emit a loud sonar sound, flash its LEDs, and vibrate, making it easy to locate if within range. Additional Leashes can be connected to your iPhone to safeguard other valuables like a laptop bag or even use the MyZomm app on an iPad for added security.

An interesting accessory for the Wireless Leash is the $39.99 Safe Driving Kit, which includes a Visor Clip, a Low-Profile USB charger, and a micro-USB cable for charging in the car, along with a quick-release keychain.

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