“madMINDS TILT: Best Cooling Solution for 15″ MacBook Pro”

The MacBook Pro stands as a stalwart in Apple’s lineup of portable computers, offering ample power and screen size to satisfy even the most demanding of video editors on the go. However, this power can lead to significant heat generation, which can be uncomfortable for those using their device on their lap. A novel solution from madMINDS LLC, known as the TILT, priced at $55.00, addresses this by integrating active cooling within a slim stand that matches the MacBook Pro’s aesthetic.


The TILT began its journey on Kickstarter last autumn, successfully raising $22,075 against a $8,000 target. Now in production, the TILT is exclusively available for the 15″ unibody aluminum MacBook Pro. Luckily, my wife uses this model as her primary computer, allowing me to test the review unit.

The TILT is packaged in a slim cardboard box and comes with a cloth bag.

It’s lightweight, adding just about 1.1 pounds (.5 kg) to your 15″ MacBook Pro. Its construction material mimics the MacBook’s aluminum body almost perfectly. A unique feature is a threaded hole on the bottom of the TILT for attaching a tripod, ideal for photographers or videographers who need to elevate their MacBook Pro in the field for immediate image processing or backup.

Embedded within the TILT is a small USB-powered fan that directs a cooling current from one side of the enclosure to the other. It occupies one of the USB ports on your MacBook Pro’s left side, which could be a consideration if you frequently use multiple USB accessories.

The TILT attaches securely to your MacBook Pro using a latching mechanism that clips into the laptop’s rear hinge area. Once in place, it stays firmly attached but can also be easily removed when cooling is not needed.


The primary function of the TILT is to cool your MacBook Pro.

I measured the temperature of my wife’s laptop with and without the TILT in operation. While the battery temperature showed minimal change, the CPU temperature was significantly lower with the TILT active.

The only drawback noted was the fan noise. Although it is quite soft, it is still audible. If you are accustomed to the sound of your MacBook Pro’s fans during intensive tasks like video editing, the noise from the TILT’s fan will likely not be an issue. However, for those who prefer a quieter working environment, it might be noticeable.


The TILT is a stylish, effective solution for keeping your MacBook Pro cool.


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