Lilitab iPad Kiosk: Affordable and User-Friendly Design

The allure of using an iPad as a dynamic, mobile display or exhibition stand is quite appealing. Especially now, with the price reduction of the 16GB iPad 2 following the release of a newer model, it has become an even more cost-effective option. Placing this interactive technology directly in front of customers or attendees can significantly enhance their engagement and attention.

The primary concern with iPad kiosks is undoubtedly ensuring the iPad itself remains secure. This is where the offerings from lilitab shine, as their kiosk designs emphasize security without compromising on ease of installation, aesthetics, or affordability. I had the opportunity to evaluate the lilitab standard kiosk model, available in both white and black, which is priced at US$495.

The white version of the lilitab kiosk could be mistaken for a part of a sophisticated bathroom setup.

Its robust steel baseplate ensures stability and upright positioning once the iPad is mounted (and it can also be bolted to the floor for added security). The upper part of the kiosk encases the iPad securely and effortlessly. It includes security screws (with an Allen wrench provided) to prevent unauthorized removal of the iPad. Customers can choose from frontplates that either include or exclude a camera opening and a home button access hole. Opting for a completely sealed frontplate ensures that the displayed app remains unchanged without accidental or intentional tampering.

The assembly process involves sliding the main support column into a section welded to the baseplate.

Here, the included iPad charging cable connects to the user’s own iPad AC adapter and Apple charger extension cord, which are not provided. Installing the power adapter was somewhat challenging, requiring the AC cord to be inserted at a precise angle to fit properly within the designated space.

Following the power setup, the next step involves securing a two-piece cowling around the pipe connection using another set of security screws. The base is also equipped with a locking mechanism compatible with both Kensington-style locks and standard 3/8″ steel cable locks. Once everything is assembled, the iPad can be placed into the enclosure and oriented either horizontally or vertically. The enclosure is designed with adjustable foam supports to accommodate any iPad model of the same screen size, ensuring that WiFi and 3G connectivity are not hindered by any metallic interference near the iPad’s RF antennas.

While lilitab offers additional customization and branding options, the basic kiosk model alone made a strong impression on everyone I demonstrated it to.

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