Oracle Offers Direct Java Support for OS X, Ensures Timelier Updates

Recent reports from Ars Technica and Macworld indicate that Oracle is now directly updating Java for OS X users. This strategic shift, long overdue, comes after Apple opted not to bundle Java by default with Lion, leaving the platform vulnerable to Java-based malware until updates were issued.

Oracle’s move aligns OS X with other operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Solaris, which already receive direct Java updates from Oracle.

Oracle’s Henrik Stahl confirmed that updates to Java on Mac will be managed directly by Oracle and will follow the same release schedule as updates for other platforms. This announcement was made alongside the news that both the Java Development Kit 7 and the JavaFX Software Development Kit 2.1 for OS X are now available for download.

However, features such as the Plugin and Web Start for Java will not be supported until the release of JDK 7 Update 6 later in the year. Additionally, the updates will only be applicable for users of OS X Lion and above.

For more details, see coverage on The Verge.


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