League of Evil 2: How Platformers Excel on Touchscreens

During this weekend’s the Because We May event, numerous games are available at discounted prices, and among the ones I’ve tried, League of Evil 2 stands out as a top pick. This platformer, reminiscent of Super Meat Boy, offers a straightforward, fast-paced experience through numerous short levels.

Unlike many platformers that struggle with touch controls, League of Evil 2 excels on the iPad. The virtual buttons are large, responsive, and the game’s superb character and animation designs facilitate quick, precise movements throughout the levels.

Each stage can be completed swiftly, and players can discover hidden briefcases and strive for a perfect three-star timing score.

With over 100 levels available and a current price tag of only 99 cents, League of Evil 2 offers exceptional value for your dollar this Memorial Day weekend. It’s an opportunity too good to pass up!


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