Exploring AIRBudz: A Practical Solution to Earbud Zombies

Have you ever encountered individuals so engrossed in their music through noise-isolating earphones that they seem completely unaware of their surroundings? These “earbud zombies” often miss critical environmental sounds like approaching vehicles or shouted warnings. A few weeks ago, I wrote about AIRBudz, a Kickstarter project spearheaded by Tammy Erdel aimed at reducing this issue.

Initially, I planned to evaluate AIRBudz using a couple of premium noise-isolating earbuds I had for review. However, due to their mysterious disappearance, I ended up using another Kickstarter-funded product, CordCruncher earphones.

My testing method was straightforward: I played music on my iMac at a reasonable volume and simultaneously listened to music on my iPhone through the CordCrunchers with standard silicone tips. The music from the iPhone was all I could hear.

However, when I switched to the AIRBudz tips, I could hear both the music from my iMac and iPhone. This feature is crucial for addressing the earbud zombie issue, as it allows the wearer to remain aware of their environment while enjoying their music.

Despite this benefit, I noticed that the AIRBudz tips slightly distorted the bass and made the overall sound quality a bit tinny.

For those concerned about safety while using earphones outdoors, I recommend supporting the AIRBudz Kickstarter campaign. With about half of the funding goal met and only nine days left, your support could bring this project to fruition. Consider using AIRBudz with your preferred earphones during outdoor activities and switch back to your regular earbuds once you’re in a safer environment.

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