DirecTV Chairman Michael White Says Apple TV Will Not Make Their Technology Obsolete

The prospect of an updated Apple TV or a potential Apple-branded television set being announced at the upcoming WWDC has stirred discussions among major cable and satellite TV providers about the implications of Apple entering the market.

According to a report by GigaOM, DirecTV’s Chairman Michael White expressed skepticism about the impact of a new Apple TV OS on the existing market.

During a recent investor conference in New York, White voiced his doubts about Apple’s potential to disrupt the current market, suggesting that most consumers would prefer to stick with their existing setups rather than switch to a new Apple product.

He also questioned the readiness of content providers to support a new Apple device with their movies and shows.

At the Strategic Decisions conference, White speculated, “They might unveil something in the coming weeks… but I don’t foresee media companies rushing to offer their content in a bundled stream over the Internet.”

Meanwhile, Comcast’s Chairman Brian Roberts seemed to almost challenge Apple by acknowledging their entry into the content provider space but noted that regardless of Apple’s innovations, Comcast would still be essential as the provider of Internet access needed by customers.

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