BRAVEN 600 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Elegant and Potent

Today marks the launch of BRAVEN’s new SIX series of Bluetooth speakers. We’ve thoroughly reviewed these devices and are excited to share our findings. Plus, don’t miss your chance to win a BRAVEN 600 valued at US$149.99.


The BRAVEN 600 excels in versatility. This Bluetooth speaker, which can connect with others in the SIX series, doubles as a 1400 mAh battery pack to charge your iPhone. It also functions as a speakerphone.

Encased in anodized aluminum, it is available in mountain ash or Moab red. The speaker features a USB port, an audio out port, a battery check button, an audio in port for daisy-chaining, a micro-USB port for charging, and controls for volume, speakerphone, and power.

The product comes in a clear plexiglas box that includes a charging cable, an AC adapter, and a daisy-chaining cable. Charging takes about four hours.


Pairing the BRAVEN 600 with an iPhone is straightforward. Activate Bluetooth with a toggle, and the speaker announces its readiness with a synthesized tone. Hold the speakerphone button for five seconds to pair.

The device also shows up on AirPlay. It functions well with a Mac, appearing as both audio output and input devices.

The audio quality is exceptional, offering rich bass and clear treble. However, the speakerphone quality is less impressive, with voices sounding muffled. Unlike other systems, the BRAVEN 600 does not smoothly transition from music to ringtone when a call comes in.

While I couldn’t test the daisy-chaining feature with just one speaker, the potential for amplified sound is promising. The volume controls can also skip tracks or navigate playlists.


The BRAVEN 600, along with the 625S and 650 models, promises great performance and versatility.

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