iRig MIC Cast: Portable Podcast Recording Solution

IK Multimedia has recently unveiled the iRig MIC Cast, a compact microphone designed for iOS devices, priced at $39.99. This device is engineered to facilitate podcast recording on the go.

Slightly bigger than a US quarter, the iRig MIC Cast features a gold-plated plug, an audio output for playback monitoring, and a dual-position gain switch.

Despite initial doubts about compatibility with the Apple Bumper on the iPhone 4/4S, it connected effortlessly and was operational immediately.

Upon purchasing the microphone, IK Multimedia provides complimentary access to two applications: iRig Recorder FREE and VocaLive FREE. However, the microphone also performs exceptionally well with other popular apps like GarageBand.

The package includes a compact folding stand for an iPhone or iPod touch, which is ideal for stationary recordings.

The iRig MIC Cast excels in capturing sound, primarily due to its highly directional nature that effectively minimizes background noise. IK Multimedia describes this microphone as having “an incredibly flat frequency response with zero tonal coloration”, indicating its proficiency in producing clear voice recordings.

My testing confirms that the iRig MIC Cast offers superior voice recording quality compared to the more expensive iRig Mic, which I reviewed back in March 2011.

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