Sonos Sub Enhances Wireless Speaker System Experience

The recent unveiling of the Sonos Sub has added a new dimension to the company’s wireless speaker system. During a visit to the Sonos headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to explore and listen to the Sub, which, despite its steep price of US$699, delivers an auditory experience that justifies the investment. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes the Sonos Sub a noteworthy addition.


The design process for the Sonos Sub was heavily influenced by customer feedback. According to Craig Wisneski, a product manager at Sonos, many users disliked the aesthetic of traditional subwoofers, often resorting to concealing them behind or under furniture.

To address these concerns, the Sonos team experimented with various shapes and sizes, ultimately finding that a boxy design was preferred by most. This shape has been stylishly realized in the current Sonos Sub, which features a sleek, glossy finish and houses two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face, allowing for versatile placement without sacrificing sound quality.


The performance of the Sonos Sub is as impressive as its looks. The setup process is straightforward, involving minimal connections and a simple integration into the existing Sonos system. The Sub automatically adjusts its settings based on the configuration of connected Sonos speakers, ensuring optimal sound quality.

During a demonstration, the Sub was paired with two Play:3 speakers, and the integration was seamless, with the system recognizing the orientation and adjusting the audio output accordingly.


The audio quality delivered by the Sonos Sub is nothing short of spectacular. Using the Sonos iPad app, I streamed music from various services like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora. The Sub’s ability to enhance the depth and clarity of bass tones was particularly evident when playing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” where it enriched Quincy Jones’s intricate production without overwhelming the balance of the track.


The Sonos Sub is a compelling addition for anyone serious about their home audio setup. While the combined cost of the Sub and two Play:3s reaches around $1,000, the quality and performance of the system represent a good value compared to other high-end audio equipment.

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