Review of BBE SonicMax Pro Music Player App for iOS

BBE Sound has recently ventured into the realm of iOS applications with the launch of BBE SonicMax Pro, a music player designed for iOS that enhances the audio quality of songs in your iPhone’s music library. This app promises to bring back the depth, clarity, and warmth often lost in digital audio files. Amidst growing demands for superior digital sound quality, Apple has introduced Mastered for iTunes, yet some audiophiles believe more can be done, a challenge BBE Sound is eager to meet.

Renowned for enhancing the audio experience, BBE Sound not only caters to everyday music lovers but also to professional musicians and sound engineers in recording studios. Additionally, BBE Sound owns the prestigious G&L musical instruments brand, further cementing its expertise in sound quality.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that audio perception is highly subjective. Unlike those who grew up cherishing vinyl records, my musical journey began with cassettes, moved through CDs, and eventually transitioned to digital formats.

While I recognize the unique tonal quality of vinyl, it isn’t something I find myself missing when listening to CDs or digital tracks. The ability to discern the highest fidelity sound often seems reserved for those with highly trained ears, and even among experts, opinions can vary widely as noted in this exploration.

Sharing my personal experience, I tested the SonicMax Pro using my Ultimate Ears (Triple Fi 10) headphones, which I typically pair with the iOS Music app. The app noticeably altered the audio dynamics, though not necessarily for the better—it was simply different. By comparing the same track on both the iOS Music app and SonicMax Pro, and switching between them multiple times, I noted distinct differences in how each app delivered sound.

Initially, I observed that SonicMax Pro emphasized the bass frequencies, making them more pronounced compared to the iOS Music app. The bass in the iOS app was also well-defined but felt more subtly integrated into the overall sound.

The snare drum’s sound varied significantly between the two apps; it was sharper and more pronounced in SonicMax Pro, while the vocals seemed slightly recessed compared to the iOS Music app.

SonicMax Pro offers a variety of presets tailored to different listening devices like earbuds, headphones, external speakers, and docks. These presets can be customized further to suit personal preferences by adjusting various sound parameters. This feature allows users to mold the sound to their liking, and a reset button is available to revert to the original settings if needed.

However, users should be wary of the app’s on/off switch, which might imply a bypass to a ‘normal’ sound setting. When turned “off,” the sound noticeably flattens, suggesting a baseline equalization rather than a true bypass. This stark contrast became apparent when switching back to the iOS Music app, where the same track sounded vibrant and dynamic.

Priced at US$4.99, SonicMax Pro is a worthwhile investment for those seeking to enhance their digital music experience.


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