Apple Reinstates EPEAT Environmental Standard for Products

Apple recently shared a message from Bob Mansfield, the retiring senior VP of hardware engineering, on its official site, reversing its decision to withdraw from the EPEAT certification for its products. According to the message:

After hearing from our dedicated customers, we realized our decision to remove our products from the EPEAT rating was a mistake.

Effective immediately, all eligible Apple products will return to EPEAT.

A related announcement by EPEAT president Robert Frisbee can also be found on their website. It was just last week that Apple had withdrawn 39 EPEAT-eligible products from the registry at their own behest.

As recently as this past Tuesday, Apple’s public relations team highlighted ongoing environmental initiatives that extend beyond the scope of the EPEAT standards.

The feedback from “loyal Apple customers” likely included numerous significant institutional and government clients, which often have procurement policies favoring EPEAT-certified products.

Both Mansfield and Frisbee have stated that this incident has reinforced the partnership between Apple and EPEAT, highlighting the importance of Apple’s contributions to evolving the standards to better accommodate modern electronic devices.

Special thanks to Ed Bott for the tip!

Michael Rose

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