Game Table App Review: Play Chess and Checkers With Friends

The Game Table app offers a unique twist on digital board gaming by stripping it down to the essentials. Unlike other gaming apps that compete with advanced AI or high-end graphics, Game Table provides just the board and pieces, leaving the rest up to the players’ imagination and creativity. This simplicity is what makes the app a permanent fixture on my iPad.

One of the app’s greatest features is its adaptability.

Players can engage with the classic game rules or invent their own variations using the pieces provided. This flexibility is a significant draw for those who enjoy customizing their gameplay experience.

However, the app’s reliance on the iPad’s compact size can be a drawback. Traditional board games typically require a larger surface area, and the iPad’s smaller screen can make simultaneous multiplayer gameplay challenging.

Players might find themselves passing the device back and forth or crammed around a small table to participate together.

Despite its size limitation, Game Table does not disappoint with the variety of games it offers. The app includes classics like Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Reversi, Go, and card games such as Poker. Available for just 99 cents on the iOS App Store, it also offers a free version for those looking to try before they buy.

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