SPOT Connect Satellite Rescue Feature for iPhones

While mobile phones are excellent for emergency calls and keeping in touch, their reliability diminishes in remote areas where coverage is sparse. SPOT, a satellite communication provider, offers a solution that allows your iPhone to access a global satellite network via the SPOT hardware. This setup is facilitated through a dedicated app and the SPOT Connect device, enabling users to send distress signals and precise location details from anywhere on the planet.

Unlike the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger and the SPOT Personal Tracker, which are standalone devices, SPOT Connect requires pairing with an iPhone via Bluetooth.

Once connected, the iPhone is transformed into a robust satellite communicator, although it does not support voice communications. However, it allows for social media updates, sending short emails or texts, and sharing your journey on the SPOT website. In emergencies, it can dispatch your coordinates to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center.

This technology is particularly suited for adventurers like sailors, hikers, and pilots who often venture into areas beyond the reach of cellular networks.

The device retails for US $149.95 and is available directly from SPOT or through various outlets including Best Buy, REI, and West Marine. A mail-in $50.00 rebate is currently offered to purchasers. While the app is free, a subscription costing $99.00 annually is required for satellite connectivity, with additional charges for enhanced services.

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