Join Our Live Talkcast at 7pm PT: Mac Computer Expo Special!

As another Sunday rolls around, it brings with it the excitement of our weekly Talkcast! This evening’s discussion will delve into the latest Appsung Drama and the ongoing screen issues faced by the latest rMBPs. We’ll also cover various other topics during our pre-show segment.

This session will also feature a conversation about the Mac Computer Expo with Lorene Romero, who is spearheading this year’s event.

Additionally, we’re excited to bring back the Aftershow tonight, after a brief hiatus. The Aftershow is a chance for spontaneous and varied discussions, so it’s always a surprise what topics will emerge.

We highly value our community’s participation, so we encourage you to join us.

To get involved, you can access the browser-only Talkshoe client, use the Facebook app, or download the TalkShoe Pro Java client. For an enhanced interactive experience, consider calling in. Simply visit our profile page and click the Talkshoe Web button at 4 HI/7 PDT/10 pm EDT tonight.

To join via phone or VoIP (and make the most of free weekend minutes), dial (724) 444-7444 and enter talkcast ID 45077. During the call, press *8 if you wish to speak.

If you have a headset or microphone ready on your Mac, you can also connect using the free X-Lite or other SIP clients (excluding Skype or Google Voice). For setup details, click here.

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