Discovered: Hidden Photos in Mac SE ROM – New Update

As highlighted by some readers, the discovery of images within the original Mac ROMs has been public knowledge for quite some time, making this endeavor more of a re-exploration than a groundbreaking discovery.

Members of the NYC Resistor collective stumbled upon an abandoned Macintosh SE in Brooklyn, NY. Intrigued, they took the machine and began to examine the data stored in its ROM.

With the aid of contemporary technology, they managed to extract four hidden images embedded as an Easter egg. These images, which can be seen on NYC Resistor’s official site, depict various members of the original development team.

In addition to these images, the NYC Resistor team uncovered another unexpected item in the ROM, which they suspect might be an audio file, although they were unable to successfully extract it at this time.

More details about how they discovered these hidden treasures can be found on NYC Resistor’s website.

[Source: TechHive]


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