Menu Bar Insights: Clutter, Clarity, or Random Apps?

Recently, Victor Agreda, our esteemed editor-in-chief, highlighted an application named Bartender in his weekly Friday Favorite column.

This app is designed to tidy up an overcrowded Menu Bar, sparking curiosity among our team about what each of us uses on our own computers.

Here’s a peek at my Menu Bar setup, item by item:

  • Dropbox: Essential for cloud storage, I use it to back up all my photos automatically.

  • Appetizer: A pioneering App.Net client.

  • Twitter: I’m still loyal to the official Twitter application for Mac.

  • Bifocals: This tool switches the visibility of hidden files, though it’s currently incompatible with Mountain Lion.

  • Text Expander: Indispensable for anyone who types regularly.

  • Growl: The premier notification tool for OS X, soon to integrate with Notification Center.

  • DayOne: My go-to app for daily journaling.

  • LogMeIn: Fantastic for remote computer access, especially from my iPad or iPhone using LogMeIn Ignition.

  • Droplr: My choice for quick file sharing with colleagues and friends.

  • iStat Menus: Allows me to monitor my iMac’s performance, especially useful during TUAW TV Live streams.

  • The usual suspects in the Apple Menu Bar: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Language Preferences, Volume, Time, Users & Groups, Spotlight, and Notification Center.

Expect to see more Menu Bar favorites from my colleagues soon! We’re eager to learn about your alternatives to these apps.

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