How to Sync Instagram Photos to Dropbox for an Apple TV Screensaver

Not long ago, I shared insights on the Instacube, a creative Kickstarter initiative designed to showcase your Instagram photos in a stylish manner. However, it appears that displaying your photos doesn’t require such a device.

By cleverly using IFTTT (a platform favored by us at TUAW), you can configure your Apple TV to display Instagram photos as a screensaver, which is perfect for gatherings or simply as a dynamic way to enjoy your snapshots. Simply save your Instagram photos to Dropbox, share that folder with your Apple TV, and voilà, you have a live screensaver.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks.

One major issue is that the Apple TV does not automatically update to include new images, requiring you to manually sync the folders whenever you add or remove photos. Additionally, if you wish to display photos from multiple Instagram accounts, you’ll need to create separate IFTTT recipes for each account.

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