Listen Unveils New iTunes Interface for iOS Users

The application Listen, priced at a modest $0.99, is a product of Daft Logic Studio and serves as an iOS utility that provides a dynamic and interactive music interface. However, it’s worth noting that most users primarily engage with music through auditory senses rather than visual or tactile stimuli.

Listen is crafted with precision, featuring an array of functionalities and visual effects, as demonstrated in the accompanying video.

While the app is enjoyable, some of its visual effects, like the ripple effect when hitting play or pause, might seem a bit excessive.

The app introduces a variety of unique gestures for music control, integrates social media, and includes a feature to prevent the phone from locking automatically, keeping the screen active as needed.

Opinions on Listen might vary; it’s either a hit or a miss. Personally, I find the app appealing due to its innovative graphical user interface and the thoughtful design elements incorporated.

It cleverly allows users to drag the currently playing track towards any desired feature to activate it.

Although I’m uncertain about its longevity on my device, I commend the developers for their originality and am eager to see how it performs over an extended period.


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