Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000: Essential Device Power Reserve

For those seeking an affordable solution to mobile power needs, consider the Satechi’s US$60 Portable Energy Station 10000. This device offers a substantial 10,000 mAh battery capable of charging both an iPad and an iPhone simultaneously thanks to its 2A output.


The design of the Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000 features a sleek, elongated rectangle with shiny black finishes and aluminum accents. While it’s too large for a pocket, it slips easily into a purse, small bag, or briefcase. It is equipped with two USB ports for charging multiple devices, a mini-USB port for its own charging, and a power button to deactivate the battery when not in use. The front displays five blue LEDs that indicate the charging status, designed to be bright yet unobtrusive.

The construction of the Portable Energy Station 10000 feels solid, despite its plastic exterior.

It’s durable enough to handle regular use without bending or creaking. However, the glossy surfaces are prone to scratches, which became noticeable after normal use in various settings like cars and desks.


The Satechi functions efficiently as a mobile power source with its dual USB ports. It offers a 1A output suitable for charging an iPhone or iPod touch, and a 2A output for iPads. Charging times are reasonable; an iPad 3 takes about eight hours to charge fully, while an iPhone 4S takes just over two hours. The device supports simultaneous charging, though this may slightly increase charging times.

Additionally, the Satechi allows for device usage during charging, which is particularly useful for those needing to operate their devices on the go.

It supports several charge cycles, often allowing for an iPad to be charged to a significant level before being used to charge an iPhone. Recharging the Satechi itself once depleted takes several hours.

A notable feature is the LED charging meter, which uses five blue LEDs to represent the battery’s capacity, with each LED accounting for 20% of the total charge. The lights flash during charging, indicating activity, and show remaining power levels clearly, although at lower levels, LED bleed-over can make it difficult to determine the exact remaining charge.

The power button not only pauses and resumes charging but also completely turns off the device, helping to preserve the battery when not in use. The Satechi maintains its charge well even when not used for extended periods.

Compatible with iOS devices and other popular smartphones and tablets, the Portable Energy Station 10000 includes a USB cable with interchangeable tips for various devices, enhancing its versatility. A soft carrying bag is also provided to store the charger and its accessories.


The Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000 is a valuable device for anyone needing reliable, portable power.

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