Top 5 Halloween Apps for Spooky Fun and Games

As Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to dive into the spirit with some themed apps. Here are five great options to enhance your spooky season festivities.

Dead Trigger (iOS Universal, Free)

Engage in intense zombie battles with Dead Trigger, a thrilling arcade shooter. Arm yourself with a variety of weapons, including the classic Colt 1911 or a fearsome chainsaw, and fight off the undead in a newly added haunted graveyard setting.

This app is a fantastic way to enjoy some zombie action without spending a dime.

Smash Your Food HD (iPad, $2.99)

If you prefer a less gory Halloween activity for your children, Smash Your Food HD offers a fun alternative. This app allows kids to squish, bash, and flatten various foods while learning about their nutritional content. For even more smashing fun, check out the updated version with more smashy is here.

Cartoonatic (iPhone, Free)

Cartoonatic lets you transform your videos with whimsical, cartoon-like effects and soundtracks.

It’s easy to use, adding effects in real-time so you can see the spooky or funny outcome as you record. The app recently introduced Halloween-themed effects to make your videos even more festive.

Zombies, Run! (iPhone, $7.99)

For those who love to combine fitness with a touch of horror, Zombies, Run! offers an engaging twist on running apps. As you jog, you’ll participate in an audio adventure where you’re one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse, collecting supplies and avoiding zombies.

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