Exploring Tokens for Mac: A Comprehensive Hands-On Guide

Managing promotional codes can often turn into a cumbersome task, involving numerous text files or complex spreadsheets. Developers need to keep track of when codes were distributed, who received them, and how many are left from the 50-code limit per app update.

A solution to streamline this process is Tokens for Mac. This application facilitates the creation and monitoring of trackable promo codes that notify you upon redemption.

I recently had the opportunity to explore this tool and discuss its features with its creator, Oisin Prendiville.

To begin utilizing Tokens, simply log into iTunes Connect. The application then automates the process of interacting with Apple to fetch product details. Since it operates by scraping the App Store, it is not available on the Mac App Store and must be purchased directly from the developer.

Once logged in, Tokens displays a list of your apps and the remaining promo codes, labeled as “available.” When you select a code, Tokens handles the request from iTunes, automatically signs the necessary contracts, and retrieves the code for sharing.

Sharing options for tokens include email, Facebook, Twitter, IM, or simply copying to the clipboard.

Personally, I prefer using email, which I used to distribute a copy of my new Mac App Art Helper to Oisin.

The app excels in tracking and management, providing recipients with a sleek, professional web interface that directly launches the App Store for easy redemption of the software.

Tokens for Mac is still in its early stages and has some minor design and usability kinks that need ironing out. However, after testing the app for a week, I found it to be an incredibly useful tool for developers.

The following video provides a comprehensive overview of Tokens for Mac, which is free for managing a single app or available for $29 for unlimited apps. It supports multiple developer accounts and is compatible with both iOS and Mac App Stores.


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