How to Enhance Text Readability on Your iPad Mini

The iPad mini, known for its compact size and appealing design, often presents a challenge with its smaller display, especially when it comes to reading text. For those struggling with the diminutive font, Macworld’s Lex Friedman has offered a simple fix to enhance text readability on this device.

To adjust the text size, grab your iPad mini and open the Settings app.

Navigate to General > Accessibility, and then click on “Large Text.” Here, you can choose from several font sizes that make reading on apps like Messages, Notes, Mail, and Contacts much more comfortable with larger text.

However, Friedman notes that this adjustment might not affect all applications. For instance, Apple’s Calendar app will still use its default small text setting, and some third-party apps do not conform to these accessibility changes.

For a quick fix to magnify text temporarily, try the reverse-pinch gesture on your screen.

This might help you discern whether a crucial text message is breaking good news or bad news.

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