ZooGue Case Prodigy: Magnetic iPad Case Review

ZooGue has consistently produced versatile iPad cases, and their latest offering, the ZooGue Case Prodigy, priced at $59.99, continues this trend by eliminating the Velcro that made the Case Genius Pro (available for $49.99) highly adjustable and popular.

This review explores the features of the Case Prodigy, and offers a chance to win either a Case Prodigy or Case Genius Pro thanks to a giveaway by TUAW and ZooGue.


The Case Prodigy is compatible with the second to fourth-generation iPads and modernizes the original iPad case design by ZooGue CEO Tim Angel. The hallmark of ZooGue cases is their adjustability, and the Case Prodigy excels in this area.

Rather than using Velcro, the Case Prodigy incorporates magnets. These magnets allow for stable adjustment to six different viewing angles in landscape mode.

Additionally, a magnetic closure secures the case when it’s being transported.

The interior features a sophisticated leather-like holder that secures the iPad, which is inserted through a Velcro closure (surprisingly, not a magnet). The inside of the cover is lined with microfiber to both clean and protect the iPad’s screen.

The case’s exterior is crafted from a stylish “leatherette” material, and currently, it is only available in black.


The Case Prodigy performs admirably. The magnetic cover closure remains securely fastened, and the cover includes additional magnets that automatically wake or put the iPad to sleep.

The standout feature, however, is the magnetically adjustable kickstand, which securely holds the iPad at various angles.

While I appreciated the original Case Genius Pro, the Case Prodigy represents a significant improvement in ZooGue’s case design. Note, however, that if you prefer a case with a hand strap, you might need to opt for the original model, as the Case Prodigy does not include one.


Tim Angel of ZooGue has once again delivered an exceptionally adjustable, well-constructed, and affordable iPad case. The Case Prodigy is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a durable case that offers innovative features without breaking the bank.


  • Adjustable magnetic kickstand provides stability

  • Magnetic closure ensures the case remains closed while in transit

  • Affordably priced


  • No significant drawbacks

Who is it for?

  • Owners of second to fourth-generation iPads looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced case with a novel magnetic stand feature


ZooGue, in collaboration with TUAW, is giving away one Case Prodigy and one Case Genius Pro.


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