Top Contender for Most Impractical iPhone Case Award

The primary function of iPhone cases is to safeguard your pricey device. Any additional features such as aesthetic appeal or extra functionality are merely added perks.

However, when the case is a life-sized lobster replica, it’s debatable whether this is an advantage or a drawback.

Designed by Elliot Gorham of Noddy Boffin, a concept shop in Victoria, Australia, the “Lobster Mobile Telephone Case” is notably large, whimsical, and largely impractical. According to the product description on Gorham’s site, the design intentionally eschews typical case functions like protection and style.

The product description highlights its lack of practical features, including the inability to use the camera, its awkward ergonomics, and its excessive size which makes it difficult to fit into pockets or handbags.

Most notably, it promises to embarrass its user.

Despite its unique design, the lobster case is not available for purchase, and there are no indications that Gorham plans to produce it on a wider scale. This might be for the best, as its review could potentially lead to some unintended consequences for our team.

[Via: CNN]


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