Top 5 iPhone Camera Apps for Blind and Visually Impaired Users

Following our recent highlight of Tommy Edison’s exploration of Instagram, we’ve consulted with a specialist to broaden our discussion to include additional photography-related applications that are accessible to blind users of iPhones. Today, we feature insights from Chancey Fleet, who teaches adaptive technology at Jewish Guild Healthcare.

— Ed.

Blind individuals can leverage the iPhone’s camera with the right applications to replace cumbersome, traditional devices designed for single tasks.

For identifying banknotes crumpled in a wallet or purse, the LookTel MoneyReader app is invaluable. Priced at US$9.99, it employs object-recognition technology combined with the iPhone’s LED flash to swiftly identify various currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound, even under challenging conditions.

Similarly, OMoby uses object recognition to differentiate products like small toiletry items and sugar packets.

This free app acts as a showcase for the IQ Engines API, which aids developers in creating visually intelligent search functions.

Despite the digital age, the need for reading physical text persists. Blindsight’s TextDetective quickly converts images of text into speech or Braille output, a boon for reading everything from memos to menus.


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