Explore Mac Desktop Integration in Microsoft SCCM via Parallels Management

This week at Macworld/iWorld and MacIT, virtualization heavyweight Parallels introduced a new solution aimed at assisting large organizations in managing their increasing Mac populations within predominantly Windows-based IT environments. The newly launched Parallels Management suite integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), allowing for comprehensive auditing and management of OS X devices.

The integration provided by the Parallels plugin not only enhances visibility of Macs within corporate networks but also equips administrators with familiar management tools used for Windows systems.

For those Macs equipped with Parallels Desktop’s enterprise version, the virtual environments can be managed and secured in alignment with the company’s established IT and security protocols, similar to their PC counterparts.

Organizations that are already utilizing SCCM due to existing investments and expertise will find the Parallels Management solution particularly beneficial. However, for those without a dedicated management platform, or those operating under a mixed OS environment or a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, more versatile solutions like Absolute Manage might be preferable.

Even for those who opt for Mac-specific management tools such as JAMF’s Casper Suite, the integration with SCCM through a SCCM plugin ensures that SCCM administrators can stay informed about Mac activities within their networks.

This plugin facilitates real-time auditing and reporting of Mac inventory data directly into the SCCM database.

Available for a subscription fee of US$30 per year per Mac, Parallels Management provides full auditing and management capabilities through SCCM. Additionally, the enterprise edition of Parallels Desktop, which supports single license key installations and mass deployment of virtual machines, is available at $100 per year per Mac.


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