Unique Quirky Crossover iPhone 5 Case: A Standout Design

It’s no secret that here at TUAW, we review a plethora of iPhone cases. Frankly, it’s rare that any of these cases stand out to me anymore. However, this morning, an intriguing email popped up from Quirky, a crowdsource design company, announcing their latest product, the Crossover priced at $34.99.

This case is refreshingly unique, prompting me to share it with you.

The Crossover shuns the traditional method of encasing the iPhone 5, opting instead for a design conceived by Richard Moreen. It features two large, stretchy silicone bands that crisscross over the back of the phone. These bands not only secure the phone but also offer a nifty way to carry your ID and credit cards by tucking them under the bands, effectively transforming it into a wallet case.

What’s more, the Crossover allows for personalization.

You can choose the color of each band from a selection of twelve options. For instance, as a fan of the Colorado Rockies, I could opt for Wisteria Purple and Charcoal Gray bands to show my team spirit.

Jaime Yandolino, a spokesperson for Quirky, informed me that today marks the official launch of the Crossover. So, if you’re interested, you can make it uniquely yours by ordering today.


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