Quento Review: Engaging Math Game Similar to Spelling Apps

Recently, I was introduced to Quento at a tech event, though I can’t quite recall whether it was Macworld or 360iDev. Regardless, the person who recommended it was spot on, and I feel compelled to share this gem with you. Quento is a delightful puzzle game centered around mathematics, where players manipulate a series of numbers and operators on a grid to achieve a specified target number.

The design of the game is a significant part of its charm.

It bears a resemblance to the well-known word game Letterpress, sporting a minimalist and sleek interface. As you solve puzzles by reaching the target numbers, these numbers are updated in an overhead menu. This menu can be navigated by swiping; swipe right or left to adjust the difficulty level, or swipe down to enter a “free play” mode where you can freely create numbers without specific targets.

While Quento is undeniably a casual game, it does not shy away from offering a challenge.

There were moments when I found myself deeply engrossed, trying to align the numbers correctly to meet the game’s demands. Regardless of one’s proficiency in math, Quento rewards patience and strategic planning. It’s available for download as a free, universal app, making it accessible to a wide audience.

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