Flowstate App Review: A Harsh Yet Effective Writing Tool

Described by its creators as the most unforgiving writing tool available, Flowstate certainly lives up to that reputation. This iOS application is engineered to keep you focused by employing a rather strict method.

Upon opening, Flowstate presents a minimalist writing interface accompanied by a timer.

Users decide how long they wish to write, activate the timer, and begin their writing session. The catch? Any pause in typing results in the app beginning to erase the text you’ve just written.

Exiting the app to check on other distractions like emails will result in the same ruthless deletion of your work.

The only way to safeguard your text is to write continuously until the timer expires. This approach is designed to curb procrastination and encourage a steady flow of writing.

For those who don’t mind a challenging writing session, Flowstate is available for purchase at US$1.99, compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

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