AppleScript Guide: Automate OmniFocus Follow-Ups from Contacts

For those who utilize OmniFocus on Mac, the ability to swiftly generate tasks is crucial. While OmniFocus integrates well with several OS X applications, it does not directly connect with the Contacts app.

This can be a limitation when you need to quickly set up a follow-up with a client directly from Contacts. However, this can be addressed by creating custom AppleScripts that enhance the functionality of the Contacts app by adding follow-up options directly to the contact’s email and phone details.

If you need help with the scripts mentioned here, you can download them here.

Creating the Email Followup Script Plug-In

1. Close the Contacts app.

2. Open AppleScript Editor located in /Applications/Utilities and start a new script.

3. Type in the necessary code.

4. Save the script as Contacts > Email Follow Up with OmniFocus.scpt in the ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins folder.

Create the folder if it doesn’t exist.

Saving the Script into the Address Book Plug-Ins folder

Creating an OmniFocus Email Followup Task

To test your new script, open the Contacts app, hover over an email address, and select Follow Up with OmniFocus from the options. This action triggers the OmniFocus Quick Entry window to open with a task already set for the email follow-up, including a clickable link to the email.

Creating the Phone Call Followup Script Plug-In

The steps to create a script for phone call follow-ups mirror those for email.


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