Track Key Performance Indicators Easily with pocketKPI

The iOS App Store is a treasure trove for both widely used applications by developers like Evernote and specialized tools crafted for specific audiences. An example of such a specialized tool is pocketKPI from Dead Frog Studios.

pocketKPI serves as a platform for employers to effectively communicate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to their team. It’s user-friendly for employees and straightforward for employers to implement.

The app supports JSON format for data sharing and integrates seamlessly with existing KPI systems without the need for additional proprietary software, all for a cost of US$1.99.

The interface of pocketKPI is designed to provide a clear dashboard view of all KPIs, which are marked in green or red to indicate their performance status. Users can adjust the threshold for these color changes through a slider in the settings. Details of each KPI can be expanded with a simple tap, and there are options to share these details through email or other messaging platforms.

For those new to using JSON files, Dead Frog provides a guide to assist in setting up the necessary files for the app.

Additionally, sample JSON files are available on their website for testing purposes.

Since its launch in mid-February, pocketKPI has been updated to version 1.1. For professionals tasked with tracking and managing KPIs, this app is a valuable resource. It is available for the iPhone and retails for $1.99.


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